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Game Overview

Spicy Action for 1-4 players!

De Mambo lets 1-4 players engage in Mambo Combat. Grab a Joy-Con™ and charge your measly one button and release at different times to do three different attacks! Knock your opponents off the screen and break the level however you decide (thanks to some flimsy architecture), to make your game marginally different each time you play. De Mambo is the first game by The Dangerous Kitchen, dedicated to all those who helped us reach this point.


  • One Button Action – Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay designed to use one action button and the Directional Buttons/Left Stick for movement.
  • Local Mambo Multiplayer – Smash your friends/enemies in this 2-4 player dance of destruction.
  • Loser Rail – The feature designed to give you a second chance, for those of you not good enough to win.
  • Flimsy Architecture – Breakable environment for reactive gameplay.
  • Solo Mode – A salivating, single-player gameplay extravaganza packed full of delicious gameplay variety.
  • Survival Mode – Don’t let the invaders from space breach your personal space in this 1-4 player co-op mode where survival is the name of the game… Literally!
  • Color Accessibility – Enhance player visibility, by editing a palette of player colors that best suit you.
  • Downloadable Content – More Mambo goodness coming soon…

Game Info

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date: Jul 13, 2017
  • No. of Players: up to 4 players
  • Category: Action, Fighting, Platformer, Party



  • The gameplay does eventually get repetitive, although great strides have been taken to ensure this doesn’t happen too quickly and there is definitely much fun to be had here. -Nintendo Life
  • While De Mambo might not be the most friendly platformer or accessible party fighter, its frantic play-style and unsettling atmosphere make it one of the most unique titles available for the Nintendo Switch. A lack of online multiplayer does stick as a rather big disappointment, but the single-player content and local multiplayer more than make up for a lack of global mamboing. Between dance-like controls and a single-player that’s equal parts addictive and challenging, De Mambo not only manages to be an engagingly speedy platformer, it excels at it. -Cubed3
  • It’s a fun distraction to casually play with friends — be they competitive or casual — and will perhaps help hold us all over till a proper Smash Bros. releases on the Switch; much like how the developers waited for a 3DS version. This is one fun little dance. -Destructoid
  • A noble attempt to offer an alternative to Smash Bros., and although there are some mechanical issues the multiplayer is still plenty of fun regardless. -Metro GameCentral

Gameplay Video


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