The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Game Overview

Epic Fantasy Reborn

Winner of 200+ Game of the Year Awards, Skyrim® arrives on the Nintendo Switch™ console. The open-world adventure from Bethesda Game Studios® where you can virtually be anyone and do anything, now allows you to go anywhere—at home and on the go. New features include motion controls, gear based on the Legend of Zelda™ series, and amiibo™ compatibility.

Dragons, long lost to the passages of the Elder Scrolls, have returned and the future of Skyrim hangs in the balance. As Dragonborn, the prophesized hero born with the power of The Voice, you are the only one who can stand against them.

Live another life, in another world—from battling ancient dragons, exploring rugged mountains, building a home, or mastering hundreds of weapons, spells and abilities. For the first time ever, go into battle Legend of Zelda style: fight with the Master Sword, guard with the Hylian Shield, while wearing the Champion’s Tunic. The game also includes official add-ons—Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn.

  • The legendary open-world masterpiece from Bethesda Game Studios comes to the Nintendo SwitchTM system
  • Includes all content from official add-ons: Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn
  • Uncover the mystery behind the return of the dragons in a massive open world to explore any way you choose
  • Live another life, in another world and create your own custom character, and do virtually whatever you want.
  • Choose from hundreds of weapons, spells, and abilities. The character system allows you to play almost any way you want and define yourself through your actions
  • Your decisions matter in a world that changes dynamically based on your choices
  • Use motion controls to battle with melee weapons, aim your bow, or pick locks, exclusively on Nintendo Switch™

Game Info

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date: Nov 17, 2017
  • No. of Players: 1 player
  • Category: Role-Playing, Action
  • Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
  • Developer: Bethesda Game Studios



The fact that a game stuffed with hundreds of hours of content runs so well on a mobile video game console is nothing short of amazing. On its own, Skyrim is a phenomenal game and now I don’t have to be stuck on the couch or on my computer. I can play it wherever and whenever I want. What a time to be alive. -DarkStation

If you haven’t played Skyrim, or you’re just looking to return and don’t mind exchanging the mods for convenient portability, the Switch version offers up everything that makes this game a stone-cold classic. -Game Informer

While in some aspects the Switch version shows its age with dated graphics and stiff animations, it’s so easy to look past when there’s a vast world in your view with the sense of discovery around every corner. -Nintendo Enthusiast

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is an addictive game, but it shows its age in several ways. It’s the full Skyrim experience, and all three additional DLC packs are unlocked from the beginning. It’s a game-changer that players can play a game as time-consuming as Skyrim while they’re out and about. However, you have to ask yourself if a solid port of a six-year-old game, portable or not, is worth the $60 price tag. -Worth Playing

Bethesda has managed to port its enormous and captivating world into what’s basically a tablet, and has done so almost flawlessly. -Cubed3

If you love the Switch’s handheld mode, and want a great game that will last you potentially over one hundred hours, then Skyrim is pretty much second only to Zelda: Breath of the Wild when it comes to action RPGs on this console. -Game Revolution

Gameplay Video

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