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Game Overview

Draw lines between two numbers to reveal a hidden picture and complete the puzzle! Hundreds of puzzles with free updates!

Draw lines to connect pairs of numbers to complete a hidden picture in this feverishly addictive PICture puzZLE game!

Connect numbers of the same color, using the same number of blocks as the number! Easy controls lets you draw line after line as you gradually reveal the picture! Once you start you’ll be hooked!

Play through 100 levels in Story Mode as you follow the adventure of a professor and his mysterious Piczle-Matic camera. Each puzzle solved unlocks the next step in the story!

Continue the fun in Puzzle Mode with 200+ more puzzles!

Solve picture puzzles in of all sorts, including sports, pets, vehicles, food and many more! Select them in any order or have multiple puzzles on the go, resuming any one at any time.

Draw directly on the screen in Handheld Mode, or play with the Joy-Con™ in Table Mode or TV Mode!

FREE Updates Coming!

Piczle Lines DX will receive periodical free updates

Game Info

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date: Aug 24, 2017
  • No. of Players: 1 player
  • Category: Puzzles, Board Games, Action
  • Publisher: Rainy Frog
  • Developer: Score Studios



If you’re after a puzzler, I couldn’t recommend Piczle Lines DX enough. Just the amount of addictiveness and content you want, and a lot of DLC content to come as well. You won’t be getting bored of it anytime soon, and being able to come and go as you please is a big plus point. A welcome addition to the Switch library. -Switch Player

Besides Tetris, puzzle games have had a hard time keeping my attention. As we’re finding out with the Switch, games I wouldn’t have previously enjoyed are finding new audiences with its ability to play quick snippets of games anywhere you go. Piczle Lines DX is a perfect example of a game that works great in any situation and provides so much content that only the most puzzle-obsessed fans will be able to get through them all, maybe. -NintendoWorldReport

Despite a few minor issues, Piczle Lines DX is an excellent puzzle game with a tonne of content and more free content on the way. It will keep you entertained for days, if not weeks. It might be playable on mobile, but the Switch version is cheaper overall, and the option of traditional controls makes the Switch version the definitive Piczle experience. -Vooks

Piczle Lines DX is relatively pricey (at launch) for a download puzzle game, but it offers 300+ sizeable and quality picture conundrums to solve; it’ll take most players a long time to solve every image. It’s a fun mechanic that feels like a clever combination of other puzzle styles, and the option to detach the Joy-Con and use the touchscreen alone also makes it an appealing game for a bit of quiet downtime slouched in a comfortable chair. Its smartphone legacy lets it down a little in presentation, and beyond solving lots of puzzles it’s lacking any smart variations in modes or even multiplayer. Nevertheless, in terms of serving up plenty of challenging content it does the job rather well. -Nintendo Life

Gameplay Video

©2009-2017 Score Studios LLC. All rights reserved.
Licensed to and published Rainy Frog LLC.


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