Pokkén Tournament DX

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Game Overview

Pokémon comes to Nintendo Switch

Introducing the first Pokémon title for the Nintendo Switch console. Take direct control of one of 21 prized Pokémon fighters to defeat other Pokémon in arena fights. Call upon Support Pokémon to assist in the fight, then unleash your Pokémon’s unique Burst Attack to climb atop the ranks.

With all new modes and new ways to battle with friends, this is your chance to become champion of the Ferrum Region!

Game Info

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date: Sep 22, 2017
  • No. of Players: 2 players simultaneous
  • Category: Fighting, Action
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, Inc.



Pokkén Tournament DX is a thoroughly enjoyable experience that undoubtedly deserves your time. The game impressed on every level; the core fighting gameplay is superb and incredibly extensive, the customisation options are truly staggering, and the attention to detail is abundantly clear. Not entirely faultless, but very close to it, this game is the Switch’s next must-buy. -Switch Player

If you are weighing up the decision on whether you should buy Pokkén Tournament DX, it’s an easy one to make. Despite its flaws, it’s a fantastic fighting game that is easy to pick up, making it appealing to the casual and hardcore audience alike. Fans of Pokémon would be crazy to overlook it, and fighting game fans should find something unique here. -NZGamer

A funny and approachable fighting game that uses the Nintendo Switch portability perfectly. Perfect for local or online multiplayer matches, it features great technical improvements over its Wii U version, but lacks of interesting content when it comes to single player modes. The Deluxe version can be considered the definitive edition of Pokkén Tournament. -IGN Italia

Pokken Tournament DX is the definitive release of Bandai Namco’s Pokemon fighter. With more characters, modes, and other features, it enhances and improves on the original in a few key areas. However, it’s not a complete overhaul at all, so those who never enjoyed the fighting mechanics will still want to stay away. If you’re looking for a solid fighting game on Nintendo Switch though, you can’t go wrong here. -Attack of the Fanboy

Pokkén Tournament DX is as fun as the original, so if you liked the game on Wii U you have now a chance to play Pokkén on a portable system with some cool new additions. But the game is not going to gain new followers as the port of this version doesn’t offer anything really new in terms of gameplay or even game modes. -Meristation

DX is a slightly improved and more complete version of Pokkén Tournament. It’s not the deepest fighting game or the best if you want to play on your own, but it’s still quite enjoyable. -Vandal

Gameplay Video

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