Rocket Fist

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Game Overview

Fast-paced Rocket Dodgeball Arena

Rocket Fist is an arena game with crazy robots in chaotic rocket fist battles. Aim against your frenemies and prove your dexterity by killing each other with rocket propelled fists in this frenetic mix of dodgeball and billiards!

You can hold one Rocket Fist at a time and you only get one shot to throw your punch before having to run, hide and dodge to pick it back up! Just like in dodgeball, but with way more rockets! When you’re running away you can ninja dash around the arena, and if you’re feeling lucky you can try dash-bumping your friends in their faces to steal their rocket!

Easy to learn, hard to master, Rocket Fist’s quick rounds will keep you coming back for more. It’s the perfect game to bring out when your friends are over and in need of some explosive action!

Game Info

  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Release Date: Aug 10, 2017
  • No. of Players: up to 4 players
  • Category: Action, Arcade, Multiplayer, Party
  • Publisher: Bitten Toast Games
  • Developer: Bitten Toast Games Inc.



Ultimately, Rocket Fist is another example of a Nintendo game that does it right by focusing on the experience over content. By focusing on mechanics in the same vein as Wii Sports, a group of four friends can easily play for hours without it feeling stale. My suggestion to you: try not to gloat too much during the instant replay after a glorious victory and the Rocket Fist fun will keep flying in this strong local multiplayer experience. -NintendoWorldReport

Rocket Fist is the type of game that almost everyone can jump into and have a good time. As with many games of this nature however, recommending the title to players who primarily play alone is tough. The adventure mode is enjoyable – but it’s also short, and perhaps not worth the asking price alone. That said, multiplayer is where it’s at. All you’ll have to do is hand a friend a Joy-Con, and soon you’ll be beating each other senseless with rocket-propelled robot fists – laughing like crazy. -Switch Player

Gameplay Video

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